Paunović Law Office is Belgrade based law office with over 30 years of experience primarily in commercial law and civil law.

What makes our team special and our services stand out is the unique blend of traditional and modern values.Our office is family oriented andour services and strategies are based onvastexperience. Our team of lawyers has managed to build up over the years. Despite that, as lawyers we have always strived to excellence and have worked on our ability to quickly adapt to the changes in the business world which allowed our team to become one of the leading domestic teams practicing arbitration.

Our team consists of two seasoned lawyers. Prior to establishingPaunović Law Office, both partners have had the chance to concentrate on their individual careers which allowed them to enrich their professional experience.

Miroslav Paunović worked for 20 years for one of the largest consulting and construction companies in this part of the Europe allowing him to profile himself as lawyer highly specialized in various aspects of commercial law.

Ivana Topalov Paunović worked in County Court in Belgrade for 10 years where she developed special interest in juvenile delinquency. Professional background and rich experience of our partners showcase they are provided with special insight and understanding of local business climate which is equally valuable to domestic and international clients.

Our combined office deals with issues that fall within the most diverse areas of law. More specifically, our lawyers offer services that concentrate on:

  • Commercial Law,
  • International Private Law (Arbitration),
  • Corporate Law,
  • Energy Law,
  • Environmental Law,
  • Employment Law,
  • Inheritance Law,
  • Family Law,
  • Juvenile Criminal Law.

Our Office provides legal services in Serbian, English, French and Macedonian languages.

Our Attorneys: