Employment status and labor rights are one of the most important aspects of life of every individual, while at the same time strong human capital is essential for successful businesses. Our legal advice is directed towards connecting and conciliating employers –employees interests in order to achieve optimal results. What made our team of lawyers highly specialized in labor lawis the rich tradition of solving employment-related problems which are common in practice. Apart from that, one of our partners workedin the largest multinational construction company in this part of the Europeand that experience allowed him to witness complexity of the employmentrelationships first-hand and become proficient in this area.In managing to keep the opposing interests in employment relationship balanced, we offer the following services:

  • representing clients in employment law connected disputes before competent courts,
  • representing clients in employment law procedures aiming to the peaceful resolution,
  • drafting employment contracts as well as service contracts for managers (examining payment and bonus agreements as well as compensation packages),
  • advising against workplace harassment and discrimination,
  • drafting all types of companies’ by-laws in regard employment and labour relations.